Meet I am Nut OK – our Veganuary Business of the Month

Are you having a go at Veganuary this year?

Whether you’re new to all things vegan or have been plant based for years, we’d love to introduce you to one of our very favourite vegan businesses, ‘I AM NUT OK

Started by Angela and Nivi in Hackney, London, I AM NUT OK was originally a passion project to create tasty alternatives for the newly vegan Nivi who was an Italian struggling to give up cheese. Using their diverse palates, love for cheese, and design backgrounds, they teamed up to start I AM NUT OK so they could share their delicious creations.

The philosophy behind I AM NUT OK is to be ‘more daring than dairy’, creating products that make people’s mouths water. Addictive like cheese, but even better! Their standard products include ‘Rigotta‘ – vegan ricotta in garlic oil, ‘Bluffalo Nozzarella‘, which speaks for itself, and ‘Fetamorphosis‘ (can you guess?). They also do bundles of bestsellers and other sharing board favourites including vegan ‘smoked salmon‘, Milano Style Salame Slices and ‘Foiegeddaboutit‘ a decadent truffle mushroom pate.

Find them online or in stores from Falmouth to Edinburgh and enjoy!

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