Welcome to Scary Little Girls

SLG is an inclusive, imaginative, ever-evolving feminist production company committed to messages of hope and truth…and in telling them to new, wider and increasingly diverse audiences with casts to match.

We purposefully shy away from producing one type or genre of art or working with only a small, exclusive pool of actors and theatre practitioners.  We try to seek out visionaries in many fields of art and to foster artists of all ages, backgrounds and interests.

Similarly, we are fascinated by stories that cover a diversity of styles and themes, from political histories and classics to texts informed by the gothic, folklore and fairy tales.  We love new writing, plays, cabaret, electro-pop, folksong, film, photography and the artists who work with us in all these mediums and more.

SLG is committed to becoming a leader within the UK theatre ecology to embed diversity throughout UK theatres’ productions, audiences and workforce. SLG’s main activities are:

🚨 OUT NOW! Out of the Darkness by @KateKerrow and our @_Rebeccamordan explores #GreenhamWomen recollections of camp life, and uncovers the non-violent ways they challenged military, police and cultural forces, in the name of peace Order now!

😍We were so proud to be asked to contribute a little Salon de la Vie to the @aurorametro Gala for Virginia Woolf. Here's our 10 minute spot for those who missed it - enjoy! #SalonDLV