Mother Mae I

A cabaret night that makes no compromises and takes no prisoners!

This event recreates the bygone cabaret of the wild, wilful and wickedly expansive divas like our heroine Mae West – and brings you the best in today’s stand up, musical comedy, puppetry, grotesques and magic.

Our acts take up space, fill your vision and don’t hold back on the chat – you won’t see much in the way of insecure girls trying their amateur hand at some tragic stripping but you will see and hear a new generation of professional acts guaranteed to take you to the edge of your comfort zone, to the pain barrier of the your laughter endurance and to the height of all the warm, fuzzy happiness you deserve by turns.

And each night is hosted by either the Riot Showgrrrls, of Edinburgh and festival fame, by Bunny Morethan, resident compere for the Circus Big Top at Glastonbury Festival, or by the de Plumes, stars of our hugely popular Literary Cabarets.

Too much of a good thing… can be wonderful

Mae West

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