Salon de la Vie

Celebrating inspirational women

Let us transport you to another era as we regale you with stories of inspirational women in each episode of Salon de la Vie.

Hosted by Scary Little Girls’ Rebecca Mordan, Salon de la Vie is an occasional online series of fortnightly 20-30 minute mini-extravaganzas of songs, storytelling, merriment and conversation. Brought first to your screens in April 2020, and designed to liven up lockdown, Salon de la Vie continues to entertain and sparkle.

Each episode focuses on an awe-inspiring, remarkable and brave human from the world of film, music, literature and history. Rebecca draws parallels with the achievements of activists today to celebrate how people positively embody the change they want to see in the world – for themselves and for others. And we’re super proud that each salon has a custom illustration provided by the wonderful Jacky Fleming.

Seasons run occasionally – while they are live, come along every other Wednesday evening  to join in with our singing, celebration and joy!

We’d like to thank our amazing funders Arts Council England for supporting this project.

Each episode, Scary Little Girls presents:

Women featured include Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, Marilyn Monroe, Lena Horne, Daphne Du Maurier, Helen Keller, Janis Joplin and more.

Check out our events schedule for up-coming Salons, or visit our YouTube channel to catch up on previous shows.

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