Duffy Beats The Devil

A brand new Cornish comedy caper for Christmas!

A brand new comedy caper specially for Cornwall, based on a traditional Penwith story – and brought to life for the first time by an extremely talented Cornish cast and crew at The Acorn, Penzance.

Duffy beats the Devil is a traditional Cornish Christmas play that has its roots in medieval village life as the English version of Rumpelstiltskin – with the added bonus of the appearance of a much-loved pig.

This panto retains the essence of the travelling country show – so be prepared to be transported to historic, colourful Penwith with Duffy and her friends – just as Christmas audiences back in the 13th Century would have been.

As stunning to look at, memorable, quirky and full of character as Cornwall itself, Duffy beats the Devil is a romp of a pantomime, which will have kids and adults leaving the theatre full of the joys of Christmas.

The show is stylish and clever and whilst Duffy is brought to life as a feisty, modern, inspirational woman and a genuine force to be reckoned with – at its heart this remains a much-loved folk tale playing out the traditional battle of good versus evil.

Significantly, this is the first time ever that the Acorn Theatre has hosted a pantomime.

“We felt this was an opportunity too good to miss. We are thrilled that this great Cornish cast is bringing such a classic tale to life for a new generation. Duffy is a funny, warm and empowering role model. We are looking forward to seeing a much-loved cast bringing to life the rich, colourful heritage of Cornwall. It really is a touch of Christmas magic – Penwith style.”

Vanessa Jackson, Acorn’s Director

Scary Little Girls would like to thank the West Cornwall Youth Trust for their generous help in allowing us to offer a workshop for deaf children in Cornwall, as well as subsidizing a signed show for Cornwall’s deaf community!

West Cornwall Youth Trust



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