The Riot Showgrrrls Club

It is an empirical fact that feminists have the best sex.

So say Dworkin, the divas at the throbbing, electro-pop heart of this gleeful, musical romp.  Putting the “camp” squarely into “campaigning”, our heroines don frankly improbable frocks and go ram-raiding through some of womankind’s – and music’s – most empowering moments. 

Along the way, they grab fistfuls of inspiration, from Mrs Merton and Nina Simone, Jane Russell and Le Tigre, 60s girl groups and Buffy – pausing only for drinking, gambling and to play some rather bizarre musical instruments.

But that’s not all.

Our spies inform us that, on certain special nights, the Riot Showgrrrls will take time out to induct honorary members to their exclusive gang.  We mustn’t mention names, but several leading stand-ups are being tipped to join in – giving the audience at this unique show every chance of catching an unguarded, one-off cameo from a very special guest in truly surreal circumstances.

Review from Edinburgh Fringe

“This show bills itself as feminist and it certainly takes a non-mainstream look at sex and pornography – but with a light touch. There is certainly no hint of the political heaviness that sometimes comes with the feminist banner. There are many likeable qualities to this show. It has a clarity and a humanity, a sensitivity, an intelligence and a sense of humour that are very attractive. The two female performers are full of vitality and the mostly original songs ripple by at great speed. There is food and drink and light-hearted competition and time spent at the Billiard Room at Teviot passes very quickly. The occasional non-original songs, especially Tom Lehrer’s Masochist’s Tango, are a pleasure to hear and the mixture of what I hope was live piano playing and recorded music worked smoothly.

The set is bright and cheerful and the costumes alluring. In a more sophisticated venue, better lighting would have added a lot to the production, but it is easy to forgive that at the  fringe.

This show, as it says itself, is a ‘musical romp’ and within it all is a message full of life about celebrating ourselves and living life to the full. See it.”