Scary Little Girls is a vibrant, hard-working production hub run by Artistic Director Rebecca Mordan, whose commitment and passion for theatrical and artistic storytelling is borne out by the variety of scary little work we have created and the support we have from our scary little artists and audiences.

We purposefully shied away from producing one type or genre of art or working with only a small, exclusive pool of actors and theatre practitioners.  We try to seek out visionaries in many fields of art and to foster artists of all ages, backgrounds and interests.

Similarly, we are fascinated by stories that cover a diversity of styles and themes, from political histories and classics to texts informed by the gothic, folklore and fairy tales.  We love new writing, plays, cabaret, electro pop, film, photography and much, much more – and the artists who work with us in all these formats!

There are two factors that unify our work in all its forms.  One is that we are very strict about quality control.  We aim for our audiences to have an exceptional time when they experience us and every artist that is part of our artistic community we believe has something unique and exciting to offer.

The other rule is that our projects and events need to be matrifocal if not out-and-out feminist and we have to headline, promote or employ more women than men.  For more about this please check out our Mission Statement.

We are trying to create systems that allow as much of our content as possible to be artist-led or proposed by our Associate Artists, whilst keeping the doors of possibility open to new acquaintances and their ideas.  We have introduced our Scary Little Salons with this in mind which feature the work of our Associate Artists alongside that of people we want to get to know – and any submissions we have received that we think rock!

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Scary Little Girls Association is a Community Interest Company registered in England and Wales. Company Number 12268860.