Meet the team! Introducing… Sharon!

The latest in our Meet The Team Series introduces Sharon – a voice of creative calm when all around is chaos

I’m a freelance producer of theatre and events and I’ve worked with Scary Little Girls (SLG) on and off for years – sometimes Becca and I try to remember how long or how it started and we cant – so we happily leave it as a mystery…

In the early days I booked shows including the company’s tour of Dracula: The Kisses and Salon cabaret shows as well as working with Becca on funding applications to support the company’s work. More recently I’ve been collaborating on Salon de la Vie and Greenham Women Everywhere.

It’s always fun to be part of team SLG and was especially so in 2020/21 when the company and many freelance artists rose to the challenges of lockdown and lack of physical performance spaces. Figuring out how to create work in completely new ways as part of such a wonderfully collaboratively team made the challenging time not just bearable but joyful.

Recent highlights of working with the company include:

As for the future, we’re currently planning celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the start of the Greenham Common Peace Camp, which will take place in August & September this year. I cant wait to be on the Common with some of the women who set up the camp and fought so intelligently and peacefully against the nuclear arms race. And also because it’ll be the first time some of us Scaries will have met in person – let’s hope we can hug freely by then!

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