We are 20 in 2022! 

Where did the last twenty years go?

It’s hard to believe, but Scary Little Girls is going to be 20 this year and we are so excited about it – though possibly less bouncily than we might have been when our knees were 20 years younger! Just kidding, you all know that joie de vivre is our JAM and we want this year to be a love-in with our beloved audiences, partners and chums, from then and now!

We’re heads-down planning for suitably celebratory activities at the moment, but one thing we’re going to be doing this year is to tell some of SLG’s less heard – for example, did you know we recycle, upcycle and loan stage props, costumes and kit? That we actively challenge the idea of what an ‘actress’ should look like? That we aim to provide opportunities from historically marginalised groups – and not just that, but we have targets about it too?

We’d love to start by asking YOU if you have any memories or stories or memorabilia about us that you’d be willing to share. 

Have you seen us perform? Have you joined one of our Living Literature Walks? Have you worked with us? 

Tell us – where did you see us, what were we up to – how was it for you? If you saw us in Edinburgh, do you have a flyer (perhaps thrust into your hand one sunny day on the Royal Mile)? We’d love to see some of them again!

Can’t wait to hear from you, and to see you at our upcoming events, no spoilers yet but just a hint – we are hoping to create our own very special festival weeks this year, two of them hopefully, featuring not just our work but also showcasing awesome and talented female artists…watch this space, we’ll be back in touch soon!

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