Happy birthday to Mary Wollstonecraft!

Monday 27 April 2020 is Mary Wollstonecraft’s 261st birthday and we’re excited to be celebrating with our friends at Fragments & Monuments, with whom we put on a special guided walk around London’s Newington Green neighbourhood last summer. Get the online guide here, the press release here, and read on for more info from Fragments & Monuments…

Dear Wollstonecraft Walks friends and volunteers, 
Hope you’re well and safe during this lock down.
I want to share some new info with you about our Wollstonecraft Walks project, as we are launching the app on Mary Wollstonecraft’s 261st birthday on Monday 27th April 2020! Please share widely to your networks and by the way the app is great for kids at home. Islington Tribune will run a piece and look out for Hackney Citizen online. Please add the date to your diary as the launch will be on social media and it would be great to see you there!
The app and website hold a selection of resources and podcasts to take you on a guided walk of Newington Green N1, stopping off at Mildmay Social Club, Newington Green, Newington Green Primary School and finally The Lady Mildmay pub, hearing works and writing from  feminist icons Mary Wollstonecraft, Maya Angelou, Virginia Woolf, Michelle Obama and more. The walk can be experienced through your headphones, or on speakers for groups of people / as an education tool. 
Download the app to your phone here, or access everything online:
More info is in the press release  and illustration is by Jess Ebsworth – please get in touch with any questions.
Hope you enjoy the app and speak soon, 
Anna x 
Professor Anna Birch FRSA
Twitter / @anna_birch1
IG / @annabirch1 

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