Spring Up

We’ve had some amazing news.

We want to jump and down and rave about it.

But it comes in the midst of a very difficult time, when so many are navigating unprecedented hardship, and we are aware that we may be having this good news at a time when others had have bad news from the same source. So we are just going to say what’s happened for us and then we are going to make a pledge.

News: We found out this week that we have been awarded an Arts Council South West emergency grant for a really ambitious project that we have to/get to deliver RIGHT NOW and be all done and dusted with by September!

We are really excited about the timeframe as all recipients of these grants have to spend them at the same time so it will hopefully keep some finance flowing through the sector and employing all the amazing freelancers who actually ensure we have an arts scene in the UK.

We’ll be taking the Greenham archive and pop up we’ve been creating for the last couple of years and making an interactive performance and digital fusion exhibition online celebrating the Women of the Greenham Peace Camp and feminist campaigners everywhere. Watch this space and our social media for more – we’re so excited to share this!

Pledge: We will work super hard over the next few months creating something that shares the love we’ve been shown with artists and audiences and honours what Greenham Women fought for and champions positive change today. Another world is possible; if we can imagine it we can make it.

Our Artistic Director has been guerilla gardening on a metre of grass in north London, a little life and colour in lock down can make a big difference…

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