You can control Becca’s head(dress)!

The wonderful LH Trevail is making a prototype for interactive costuming that can be controlled remotely by Twitter. And we – and you lucky people – get to be the first to try it out at our Christmas Special Salon de la Vie!

The aim is to give you, the remote audience, a chance to get, and feel, more involved. We miss that sense of connection that you get from live theatre and are excited to see how this works!

This prototype is a head-dress. The innards are Servo motors and a controllable LED light wired up to a tiny computer called a Raspberry Pi. It is built to be multi-purpose. The rig can be swapped around, added to, and assembled into other things so SLG costumiers can use it to create all sorts of wonders! The code is easy to customise and change to create different effects and add more elements.

The kit will also be used in workshops tech-upskilling Scaries, that Laura will run in the new year (woo!)

In this head-dress prototype, the Raspberry Pi listens for certain words and phrases on Twitter, and when they are mentioned anywhere in the world, wiggles servos or lights up a coloured light – exciting, right?

This is where the fun comes in – YOUR TWEETS influence the head-dress to do things, (internet and physical weather permitting)!

We’re so looking forward to you being part of this with us – do come along and join us in our private online space on the 16th – see you there!

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