Choose your songs on the festive (j)uke-box!

Which songs would you like Artistic Director Becca to play? Tell us!

For the last year or five I’ve been a bit skint by the time pre-Christmas rolls around, and, at the behest of the good councils of Penzance and Falmouth I’ve found myself playing my uke-a-lady at a variety of festive markets.  I’ve played Mother Christmas at a lido, run from gift shops to galleries in the rain to regale shoppers with pop hits and carols, and sung softly while cafe goers consumed warming soup and coffees between their winter purchases.  

As a result, I know lots of Christmas songs and because I am also a giant child, I am not bored of them.  In fact, no matter how much I’m cursing the gig when I’m layering long johns under my bloomers or trying to find woolly gloves I can still play chords in, it absolutely makes my day when people stop what they are doing, look up in surprise, beam at me and join in a favourite festive song they weren’t expecting.  

So for our special feature-length *live* end of the year Salon de la Vie, I’ve made a song list for you to study in advance and I’ll play on the night what you tell me!  You can either Tweet at or Facebook Message us with #SLGXmasSalon #SongChoice when you see this or you can message or tweet on the night – me and my guests and will take regular breaks through the evening to take your requests – and we’ll put the words up so you can sing along at home!

Excitingly, that hashtag will also do something amazingly technical and control a prototype headdress – find out more here!

We’re all really looking forward to this show, do come along and let me know what you’d like to hear, me and the uke-a-lady live to please!

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