Introducing… Martha!

Continuing our Meet The team series, won’t you be introduced to Martha?

Martha Dixon is a powerhouse storyteller. She is a journalist, filmmaker and trainer with two decades of work behind her. At BBC World News she made award-winning documentaries about health from across the globe, including Papua New Guinea, Nepal and Cambodia. She produced and reported in the newsroom and at world events, such as elections in Afghanistan and G8 summits. She makes features for Radio 4 and continues to work as a producer and newsreader for her local station, BBC Radio Cornwall. Phew!

Like us, Martha loves telling stories. Her passion for radio is now morphing into a passion for podcasting. She is delighted to be working with us on the landmark history project of Greenham Women Everywhere and we are thrilled to have her expertise and talent. 

‘And what important history it is! Stories of shit pits and bathroom trees, beating the establishment, winning the war against all-destructive nuclear weapons, the rise of feminism and women, glorious women, solidarity in one of the longest protests in world history. 

Thank you for letting me help audiences of the future understand this important part of world history.’

Martha – backatcha sister. We’re so happy to have you as part of Team Scary!

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