Choose your own Greenham story thread!

OBSESSED. We are OBSESSED with this!

Well, here is a little something I’m very excited to share; the wonderful LH Trevail has designed and created a narrative game out of several of the interviews in the archive! And we’re sharing it with you VERY SOON!

It’s basically like a very gentle choose your own adventure (if you are old enough to remember those!). You approach a campfire around which sit seven Greenham Women and you can then explore a conversation with one or all of them if you have time.  It’s been put together in verbatim testimonies and even knowing the interviews as well as I do I found myself drifting for ages around the campfire, reading the women’s thoughts and enjoying the moments of copy written by LH that set the tone as at once mysterious and intriguing…

It’s also a great way to have a sneak peak at some of the content that will be showcased later in the year on our Greenham Women Digital online exhibition as there is a singalong area where you can hear covers of the songs the women might have sung around by the fire.  And, in a move I find utterly blissful, LH has included some (just some, there are more!) of the illustrations that Kayleigh Hilsdon was commissioned to create with the crowdfunded money many of you kindly donated.  It is an underestimation to say that I love these pictures beyond words.  Even just writing this has made me feel so proud and honoured by the teams I’m currently working with.  What a joy this work can be, and what a privilege.

We’re just putting some final touches to the game and it will launch publicly on the evening of the 19th during our Greenham Women Everywhere Night Around The Campfire. Those of you who join us at the Campfire event will get exclusive early access (all the more reason to buy a ticket!) and we are so looking forward to hearing how you get on with the stories!

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