Tendrils and Shoots

Following the announcement of our Arts Council Emergency grant I thought I’d post with a bit more detail about what we are doing and whose involved, not least because this week has been super satisfying and I’m really excited about the team!  

Firstly, we are working with 92 Minutes and Animorph on creating an online exhibition about the Greenham Peace Camp with some areas of the camp brought to life in quasi VR!  I know right???!!!  

This is a first for me and I’m loving the meetings, Animorph are achingly cool young Europeans who work as a coop and when I crack a smile with them by referencing  Fallout or some other fairly elder game (manic miner anyone?!) I feel like a million dollars.  Not because they are unfriendly and cool, they are lovely, but because I am not cool, at all, not even a bit and very untechy, so I love their kindness and patience and goodwill at my first steps in this new world.  Mega Thanks to the awesome Becky at 92 Minutes for bringing us together!

Secondly I’ve been contacting Greenham Women for their contributions of photography, writing, poetry, songs and other art to populate the online world and fantastic stuff is coming in which I am now casting which brings me to…

Thirdly we’ve been casting some awesome actors to work with us from all ages and backgrounds (many of them who also went to Greenham).  Now I get to marry up the voices with the pieces start to think about where they live on the site, it means a working weekend but literally can’t think of any way I’ll happier spending my time…I’m going to be on my tiny balcony listening to next door’s kids go wildly, hilariously feral in the sun, surrounded by my seeds and growing plant babies and get seriously emerged in Greenham, perfect day! 

And in a final piece of good news, our sister company Greenham Women Everywhere – that has grown into it’s own CIC after starting life as part of SLG and exists to create a national-wide celebration next year of the camp’s 40th Birthday – will be partnering us in this project, just as we’ll be supporting them in 2021; the web extends, evolves and elevates

Plant babies!

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