Salon de la Vie – Season Four!

We are very excited to share with you that the fourth season of Salon de la Vie is coming SOON!

This fourth season will be a collaboration with Dr Naomi Paxton on everything you didn’t know about the suffragettes and their creative campaigning!  We’ll combine recorded extracts, songs, special guests and live shows in this season to celebrate the wild, wonderful, wise and witty women of the first wave.  

Join us for…

June 2nd, Votes for Children! A look at the young people who supported the suffrage movement and found their own voice in the process.

June 16th, Birds of a Feather. We will hear about plans to fill Parliament with suffragette parrots, talk about how the movement campaigned not just for votes for women but to end vivisection, and explore the links between vegetarianism and suffrage.

June 30th, Nobody Expects the Suffragettes! Site specific, pop up and random acts of activism all characterised the creative shenanigans of suffragists in the theatre and entertainment industries, and in this Salon we celebrate some of the most unexpected!

July 14th, The Woman’s Theatre. Here we will look at the way suffrage campaigners imagined a theatre they could be part of, including female producers and playwrights, crèches, and an end to the casting couch… so much to admire and yet to apply to the modern mainstream…

July 28th, Taking the Stage! Our all live season finale bringing the work of Elizabeth Robins, Evelyn Glover and Cicely Hamilton to life before your very eyes!  Expect digital mayhem, songs, short scenes and feminist fun for all!  Tickets for this £5, the only Salon of the season we’re charging for and we are super grateful for your support!

About Salon de la Vie 

Now coming up to its fourth season, Salon de la Vie is our fortnightly series of 15 – 20 minute extravaganzas of songs, storytelling, merriment and conversation. Focusing each time on an awe-inspiring, remarkable and brave human from the world of film, music, literature and history, and drawing parallels with the achievements of activists today, we celebrate how people positively embody the change they want to see in the world, for themselves and for others. Watch our previous Salons here

We’re super proud that each salon has a custom illustration provided by the wonderful Jacky Fleming.

We’d like to thank our amazing funders Arts Council England, Cornwall Council for supporting this project

Huge thanks to DJ Stegosaurus for creating a fantastic playlist on Spotify to accompany this Season!

EDIT – 7th June 2021 – We are so excited to tell you that as of THIS WEEK all our Salon de la Vie events will be available in a captioned format!

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