Tech Torment

Unlike anyone else I’m having a really hard time with tech this week – hahahaha what I of course mean is like lots of us I’m etc etc… As you can probably see from the maniacal tone I basically reached peak tech fail this week. Trying to get the quality of the Salon de la Vie broadcasts to anything like decent has been an ongoing fixation with awesome people giving me excellent advice and support. And yet there still is something different – or multiple things – that go wrong each time it seems!

Anyway, because I’m mortified by this and super grateful to everyone who’s faithfully watching and supporting, despite the word and image soup they are getting through the Facebook Live stream – and because I really want to get good at these little salons so I can have guests in the future and all manner of other fun ideas I have in mind – ANYWAY basically I set everything up again yesterday and re-recorded Wednesday’s Salon! In the daytime, which was most strange!  And here it is for your viewing pleasure: 

Happy looooong weekends everyone, I’ll be back in touch next week to grab some advise from you all about addressing my tech sitch and choosing my costumes (which is much more my comfort zone!). Peace out!

Staring into the abliss of an apple martini after tech torment…

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