What is a gal to wear?

Here’s the thing, I’ve got really into these Salons now! They are new so I’m always really nervous, and the tech is new (to the way we work and to me in particular) so that’s always laced with…adventure and it’s very easy to finish them and then look around one’s own living room where one’s been the whole time and still is and think, ‘I wonder if I just really did this, or not…’

But I love the team I’m now working with to try and make the Salons good, I’m hugely grateful for the lovely feedback and how wonderful that connection is with PEOPLE and I LOVE bigging up and banging on about all these women that I’ve been jollying along with in my head for years! I’m really hoping people keep watching and bring their friends because I reckon I could run these every fortnight for 2 years at least before I ran out of women and had to research a new ones who aren’t already on my list!

However, I set myself the stupid rule of trying to change up my ensemble for each show but of course I only have the stuff in my wardrobe to go at, so it’s going to be a matter of creating different combos for as long as I can before I have to recycle! I aim to get through the first season of 6 episodes before I go back to the beginning, that’s my personal challenge! And I’ve got two ideas to help keep it spicy that involve my salon guests –

  1. How big can you go from your living room? Send me pics of yourselves in your finest salon foppery and we’ll create a gallery on our events and facebook pages to show you off! Use the hashtag #GoBigAndGoHome
  2. In the run up to the end of season 1, I’ll let you vote on the outfit I wear for episode 6! Watch this space and our social media for some options, I will present them, you can decide and I promise to abide by your decree…!

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