Emergency Fundraising Drive! Can you help?

The play has been written; the cast are in place; tickets are selling fast – the show must go on!

We’re really excited about this play.  On the 10th anniversary of Scary Little Girls’ first full-length play, we are resurrecting and re-adapting Bram Stoker’s classic for a 21st century audience: tapping into the Victorian fascination with science and gender, Dracula: The Kisses will be a wildly entertaining, all-female romp that explores sexuality, religious values, politics and feminism… without compromising on the daft, dark fun that is quintessential Dracula.

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The catch is that we have just narrowly missed out on a crucial Arts Council funding bid.  We have prepared a stripped down Emergency Budget which will allow Dracula: The Kisses to go ahead and just secured a £1,000 grant – but we still face a shortfall of £15,000.  With just weeks to go before rehearsals begin, we are exploring all options for securing this funding – last minute grant bids, fundraising shows, crowd funding – as well as seeking donations and, potentially, loans from our supporters.

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If you or someone you know might be able help us find some or all of this shortfall, please get in touch: [email protected].

We hope that the Minack performances will be the first step in series of tours for Dracula: The Kisses.  We are booked in to perform a showcase at the Mac in Birmingham this October, where we will invite programmers, venues and funders to a hospitality event.  Our aim is to break into the world of national mid-scale touring, support more fantastic artists and reach wider audiences.  Securing funding for the Minack run will lay the foundations for a step-change in our work and build on our successes of the past 10 years.  

Scary Little Girls has been delighting audiences all over the country with a variety of innovative, magical and unique performances:

Everybody’s talking about Scary Little Girls – are they worth the hype? Yes!
The Independent

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If you think you could donate or loan us the funds needed to get the curtain up on Dracula: The Kisses, or if you have any questions at all about this project, please contact [email protected].

Much love and gratitude
Becca and Shazz, Artistic Directors

More about the budget –

Following a narrowly unsuccessful Arts Council application, we have put in place an Emergency Budget which will allow Dracula: The Kisses to go ahead. We have slashed our original budget down from nearly £40,000 to just £24,000: we have stripped out as many costs as possible, pulled cast and crew wages down to the minimum and SLG’s Artistic Directors have decided to work as Producers for free.

Because the show is selling so well, The Minack is prepared to give us £8,000 from ticket sales up front which is a fantastic help, and we have just secured a grant for £1,000.  But that still leaves a funding gap of £15,000 – which is where we hope you can help. If you’re interested in funding our show or loaning us the money to do so and would like more details on the budget, please contact me: [email protected]

We’re committed to getting this show on the stage as close to our original vision as possible, but we can’t do it without a last minute injection of funds.

As well as this appeal for help from our friends and supporters, SLG is applying for alternative funding from several smaller pots; putting on a series of fundraising shows in London and Cornwall; and taking advice on setting up a crowd-funding programme. We are also seeking larger grants to help fulfill the longer term aspirations of this project. We’re casting the net as wide as possible because we’re very short of time.


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