Help our Impact Tree Grow!

We’re excited to launch the first part of our Impact Tree today and to ask for your help to grow the next new shoots and branches!

This Tree is designed to help you understand what Greenham Women did by giving you ways to explore our archive of their stories, memories and activities AND to give you a place to record – as yet undocumented – Greenham stories, memories and activities from your community.

The Greenham Women were angry about American nuclear cruise missiles held on common land and they were fighting for change. Forty years on, the three key themes of Greenham – peace, equality and the environment – are still as relevant to us as they were when the first 36 people walked the 110 miles from Cardiff to Greenham Common.

We’re looking for teachers, educators and young people to join us before February half term 2024 as we continue to explore the legacy of the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp. Between 1981 and 2000, tens of thousands of women visited and lived at the camp before returning to communities up and down the country – we know Greenham Women are everywhere!

We’re inviting you and your young people to discover more about Greenham Common, uncover the impact it’s had on your local community and think about where you share common ground with the Greenham Women and how Greenham could inspire you in the future.

Our shiny new Impact Tree is a great introduction into the archive and you’ll find:

Your project could be as small as a wall of hope in the corner of your classroom or as big as interviewing members of your community to see what they remember about Greenham and maybe even adding your interview to our archive. If you’re not sure where to get started – the ‘Explore’ page is packed full of helpful information, interviews and resources.

In an ever-changing world, Common Ground is an excellent opportunity to:

Why not work with your young people to write their own manifesto highlighting the changes they would like to see in the world or create your own craftivism project and submit them to be included in the Impact Tree by 12th February 2024.

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