Common Ground – coming to Broadway!

We’re excited to announce that we’re taking our Common Ground: Greenham Exhibition and an exciting events programme to Nottingham Broadway Cinema this February!

Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp was an enduring and iconic protest spanning 19 years from 1981 – 2000. Whilst the occupation of the common began with the aim of forcing out the US nuclear warheads from Berkshire, the protest became a focal point of feminist history and has left a legacy of women’s liberation around the world. You can learn more about the Greenham Women here.

Broadway will be hosting our exhibition where you can find out all about this powerful movement that began 40 years ago and continues to influence today. Find out more about the exhibition here.

Hang out in a bender tent listening to a specially created soundscape of sounds and stories from the peace camp and interviews with Greenham Women. Chat to public herstorians about your memories of Greenham and hear theirs. Look around the gallery at portrait photos of the Greenham Women today as well as new work by contemporary artists inspired by the Greenham Women Everywhere archive and current protest movements.

We’re finalising details for more events and experiences that draw on the spirit of Greenham including craftivism workshops, book talks, film screenings, poetry, music and performance – keep an eye out on our events page and check out the flyer below!

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