Scary Little Playlists – for your listening pleasure!

Did you know that we’ve started creating playlists over on Spotify?

We commissioned long-term SLG collaborator DJ Stegosaurus to create bespoke playlists in response to the women, artists and topics covered in each Salon de la Vie performance, for your listening pleasure – and to enrich your Salon experience!

We started doing this during Season Three and we’re loving the way the playlists create an atmosphere in advance of the Salon. We’ve now gone back and created playlists for each Salon in Season Two, and we’re creating one for Season Four as this Season is a bit different from all the others. Get your ears round songs by and inspired by Billie Holiday, Tove Jansson, Lena Horne and many, many more!

We have SO appreciated these recently – having not created them ourselves, we can close our eyes and *almost* pretend we’re at a club or night out (we miss those…) as we’re not sure what’s coming next.

Sign up to follow us, or individual playlists, and you’ll get to hear the musical curations of DJ Stegosaurus as they form!

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