Launching Greenham Women Digital!

And we are GO!

Our exciting online, interactive exhibition life at the Greenham Women’s Pace Camp is LIVE!

This online exhibition invoking the experiences at the camp was funded by an Arts Council Emergency Grant and we could not be more grateful for their help and support when the world of theatre and touring came to such an abrupt end.

It has been a huge team effort – we are delighted to say we were able to use that funding to provide real, meaningful work for around 50 people – artists, creators and more – over the summer since the first lockdown came in. Special shout out to the technical genii at Animorph who listened to our thoughts and heard what we wanted to create and then built it – here it is for you to enjoy!

Some technical stuff

This was a huge departure for us and is way more technical than anything we’ve ever done before. Excitingly, it was built using absolutely cutting edge technology in terms of modern browser capacity and the actual hardware on phones. 

Get the best experience by visiting the site on a desktop/laptop computer with a mouse or a new model of phone

The website is rich with content – there are huge sound files and clips, which make your device work hard. Types of phone that first came out over five years ago might struggle with some of this technical magic. This is to do with the software the new website uses – it is really new, and so even if you have a new phone *handset*, the software in a phone that was first launched 5+ years old just won’t be able to communicate with this new shiny tech.

Go explore!

We’ve been working on this all summer and we are so excited to hear what you think of it. Please, go explore. It’s a treasure hunt, stuffed full of hidden gems for you to find, collect and share – and contribute to. No two experiences of the site will be the same, as it’s all about how you interact with it.

Explore Greenham Women Digital now!

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