Naomi Paxton is one of SLG’s very favourite theatricals: a multi-talented performer and comedian; a fiercely clever and incredibly well-informed academic; a heart-of-gold feminist activist… and much more besides – basically, an all round superhero!

Naomi has brought all these assets and more to bear on her work with SLG, including performing in the boundary-defying Living Literature Walk Stage Rights!, based on The Methuan Book of Suffrage Plays which she researched and edited.  She’s also a regular on SLG’s cabaret tours as a wildly entertaining performer with her somewhat terrifying alter ego and ‘unhinged super villain’ (Diva) Ada Campe Naomi really does have a lot going for her so swing on over to her website to find out more.

All of which is by way of introducing Naomi’s current venture #100TheatreWomen where she and actor Jemma Churchill are compiling a list celebrating women in theatre who have inspired them.  They’re already way up into the 50s shining a light on the awesome likes of Sophie Okonedo and Ellen Terry – what a fantastic venture, how will they stop at just 100?!

Check out Part 1 here, ongoing Part 2 here, and most of all follow #100TheatreWomen to join the fun and make your own suggestions – SLG reckons Naomi and Jemma are well deserving of their own special places in theatre herstory!

PS/ Who’s this at number 36…?


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