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We’ve had an amazing time in Edinburgh at PBH’s Free Fringe this month, performing The Full Brontë to often sold-out audiences at the delightful Fingers Piano Bar.  Big love and thanks to everyone who came, especially those who spread the word by mouth and Tweet!  With the run coming to an end this weekend, here’s a daft press release announcing Charlotte’s triumph in the “Which Brontë are you?” poll we’ve been carrying out (take part yourself here), followed by a round-up of reviews we’ve had…


The votes are in… the sisters have been counted and vindicated… and the results of the 2013 Brontë Poll are now in.  Organisers Scary Little Girls can reveal that residents of Edinburgh are overwhelmingly… Charlottes.

Behind that headline result though, are additional findings which come as a major surprise and set to affect not only how people assess their own sexuality… but also where they take their holidays.

Announcing the results, creative producer and performer, Rebecca Mordan, said: “A comprehensive survey conducted on the streets of Edinburgh throughout the Fringe as well as at our own shows – The Full Brontë – has revealed that 48% of respondents identify themselves to be more like Charlotte than either Emily or Anne. That is a larger majority than any major political party has secured in a General Election since the time of the Brontë’s themselves.”

“In many ways the result could have been predicted.  Like Charlotte – herself an older sister – the people of Edinburgh are kind, thoughtful and vey aware of others,” explained Ms Mordan.  “Although they are slightly reserved initially, as soon as you ask for their assistance they show themselves to be extremely warm, funny and generous,” she added in an unashamed plug for her show.

“Their city, by contrast is undeniably Emily… craggy and wild, with Arthur’s seat on one side, the sea and mountains on the other, it is a mystical environment which, like Emily’s writings, are both powerful and mystical… “Tourism chiefs please take note.

Not surprisingly perhaps, an analysis of votes cast from other parts of the UK, and from overseas, threw up a rather different result with the three sisters coming out neck and neck and neck.

The biggest shock of all though is that the majority of men revealed themselves to be Annes…”As anyone who has been to our show will know,” said Ms Mordan, “Anne had a strong moral compass and championed those issue most affecting women.  This may mean that Anne speaks strongly to men’s sense of gender fairness and taps into their desire to be rescue rangers. Or it could be that they were too drunk or too stupid to understand what they were being asked…“

The street survey was conducted by Scary Little Girls who are performing their daft and hilarious literary cabaret show The Full Brontë about the lives and times of the famous Brontë sisters at the Fingers Piano Bar in Frederick Street. Tickets are free for all.

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Press reviews:

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“The Full Brontë is a wonderfully raucous journey though the life and work of the Brontës… a wonderful juxtaposition of vulgar humour and high culture…”

“Daft, enjoyable and fun!”
The Scotsman

“Bona fide belly laughs fill the room as the performers bounce improvised jokes off the crowd with admirable deftness…. pulled together with outrageously funny – yet heart-warming – effect in just one hour.”

Recent Tweets: 

“… riotous good fun.”

“…hilariously good show…”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Full Brontë from Scary Little Girls. Most proper belly laughs I’ve had in a while”

“A well deserved full house today for The Full Brontë. This is a funny not-to-be-missed FREE show.”

“One of the funniest shows in Edinburgh – the girls were fab”

“Great show must see! Well done to all involved”

“A must see at the Free Fringe…”

“…absolutely hilarious…”

“…literary musical genius….loved it!”

“Anyone at EdFest should try to see @ScaryLittleGs literary cabaret show…”

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