What would you have Becca do? (at our Christmas Salon de la Vie)

This Christmas is the last salon we have planned for the foreseeable. We come a long, long way together, through 5 whole seasons of salons across numerous lock downs. 

No-ones saying we’ll miss the last year or so but I’ll certainly miss you all and your support, so me and the uke-a-lady would love to take some requests for our Christmas Spectacular where we will be Flying Into Christmas and before we part (hopefully to see each other at live shows next year when SLG will be celebrating our 20th!). 

So come on, reply to this blog by tweet or email telling me:

1. Your fav festive song and I’ll do my best to bash it out.

2. Did I sing something you liked in one of the salons? Would you like to reprise one last time but live? Just let me know and I’ll brush something up form the back catalogue and dedicate it to you in the show.

3. Are you such an old hand that you can remember seeing us in the before times? Is there a song, reading or sketch you’d love to see us do again that you saw us do on tour? Let us know and if it is within the gift of Shazz and I we’ll recreate it for you live!

The yuletide uke-box awaits your commands friends! 

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