Summer Fruits

Having got all the wonderful performances in from our amazing team of artists and Greenham Women, including covers, short scenes, inspiring anecdotes and moving testimonies, Animorph now take the lead in the next stage of the GWE online exhibition.  Their vision falls into two main areas:  

– a 2D gallery world where we learn about some of the coloured gates that the women lived at, the campaigns they came up with and the campaigning or art they are doing now. This section will also have a place you can upload your own memories and images so the site is live and able to represent Greenham Women who we haven’t managed to meet yet.

– 3 3D gates, Yellow, Green and Bloo, that will be explorable and have all the audio performances hidden in them! So you move around, click on things you see like tents, fires and letters and the sounds of the camp come out to you from the animation. Some things will be obvious, others will be found with a bit of cunning or revealed only over time, it’s going to basically be a treasure hunt!  I can’t lie, I’m really excited about it!  We’ll be seeing some early stages of it next week and then running it past our rapid response team of Greenham Women to check it feels right to them; I’ve warned Animorph they don’t mince words!  Breath bated all round…!

We’ll keep you posted, and in the meantime here are a series of photos from a day of shooting I did at Greenham Common last week for a programme I currently can’t name (all will be revealed early next year), thanks for getting this awesome site back to the people, Greenham Women!

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