Jo Corrall is the founder of This is a Vulva, a one woman campaign to get us feeling happier with our vulvas and less embarrassed to talk about them.

She’s regularly talking about discharge, pubes and lube and her flat has so many depictions of her vulva in various formats that she’s run out of space for anything else.

Here’s a bit about her workshop ‘Labia Lessons’ which she’ll be hosting at our Mayven Festival.

Get the sex education you never got at school and learn everything you need to know about the vulva in this shame-free and fun workshop. We’ll cover things like why language is so important, what everything actually does, why capitalism could be damaging your vagina and how to look after your genitals properly. Not to mention a period pub quiz and the chance to make your own vulva. There’ll be laughs, a few rude words and plenty of honesty.

You can follow Jo on Instagram here.