Imogen Roux is a citizen artist with a chronic illness who uses VOICE, BREATH, SOUND, SONG and STORY to help her and others who live with pain to live their lives more freely and fully.

An industry voice coach and Penzance local, Imogen is passionate about freeing our individual voices, and raising the collective cry for change. A lifelong performer and patient, Imogen turned her hand from acting to researching her chronic health condition to help others living with pain find relief through expression.

Imogen has brought her expressive voice work to many places from Rikers Island jail units to the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama to Ehlers-Danlos Support UK, working with all voices, all ages. She specialises in reconnecting the body and sounding the nervous system within a world which shuts off, ignores and medicates pain.

Join Imogen for a a gentle and interactive exploration of your voice, in particular, as it relates to pain: big or small. In this workshop, we will explore how when pain is expressed, not ignored or silenced, we can start to re-connect to ourselves, our bodies, our environment. While chronic pain syndromes disproportionally affect women, and our NHS struggles under the avalanche of pain conditions, Imogen’s work aims to de-mystify and re-shape our understanding of pain in the body, giving people takeaway tools to improve their connection to themselves and the world around them.

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