Christina Li is a multi-disciplinary artist interested in the intersection of history, music, and tech as a way to stimulate people’s imaginations and interest in stories already told.

Christina is primarily a musician and long-time collaborator with Scary Little Girls. She first became involved almost ten years ago during the Fringe run of The Full Bronte. Since then, she’s put poems to music, written an app, worked the lights, and been a dancing elf with, in her estimation, the best theatre company. Christina is currently part of the band Deep Talk, signed with London-based The Animal Farm.

Here’s a bit about her involvement in our Mayven Festival:

Riot Showgrrrls: 10 years later is a two-woman cabaret that looks back on the original ‘Riot Showgrrls’ that Scary Little Girls first brought to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. As we peel back how porn has impacted girls in the last 10 years, we again revisit the trends of modern consumption – revenge porn, TikTok, OnlyFans, and more – and how it might impact our next generation.