Lakeland Fiddler Carolyn Francis is well known for her research, performance and teaching of Cumbrian fiddle and border bagpipe tunes.

Over the past 25 years she has made a career of producing a living, inclusive, culture of traditional music rooted in Cumbria, in particular with Striding Edge band and The Lakeland Fiddlers. She is a prolific tune writer; In 2023 one of her compositions, “Cissy Middleton”, was published by Faber in “Tunes from the Women”, a compilation edited by Kathryn Tickell.

With her new Solo project “Loup”, Carolyn loops and layers favourite Lakeland tunes, with the addition of poetry, spoken word and lyrics, to create a soundscape reflective of the environment she knows, loves and works within. She also adventures into experimenting with vocal drones and overtoning in arranging the poem of her deceased friend, Wot Blowers, “She is not Like the Other Girls”.

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