Bec Applebee is one of Cornwall’s recognised creative practitioners, having trained in Kernow’s unique style of ‘Do It All theatre’

Bec works as an Actor, Director, Deviser and Producer. She regularly performs with some of Cornwall’s most prestigious companies Wildworks, Scary little Girls, Goldentree, Cscape, Cousin Jack’s and Kneehigh.

As a musician she played with the internationally acclaimed band Dalla and continues to play with Didjan and Skillywidden. She represents Cornwall as the Kernewek singer with the Tosta Banda On becoming a Mum, Bec developed her own practice; creating her own work which includes the critically acclaimed solo show “Oh Mary!”.

Bec will be performing at our Mayven Festival, here’s a little bit about her show.

Shine your light or The Mor Maven Jig, is a tune written in the Cornish traditional style. It is a celebration of Mayven women with influences from the Cornish myths and legends of Mermaids and Selkies. It is directly influenced by the sea itself and those wild sea swimmers who embrace the mighty ocean with it’s ungovernable nature: as they share its aquatic mysteries and dive deep into the tempestuous depths of this unique natural environment.

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