Anna Mansell is part of BBC Writers Room for Cornish Voices, and the bestselling author of six novels.

Alongside this and writing for magazines and newspapers, she has also written micro scripts for digital application and is the creator and host of the podcast: How To Breathe So You Don’t Look Fat.

During 2021 she was commissioned to write two scripts for theatre performance in 2022, and has a feature film in development. In her spare time, she writes her seventh novel.

Here’s a bit about Anna’s show at our Mayven Festival: Mayven Cherry of Zennor.

Cherry of Zennor wanted more. But the “more” she got didn’t look like she expected. And the “more” she got, wanted less than she dreamed of. And the “more” she got turned out only to want her whilst it suited. So, what happens when your “more” shape shifts and changes, then spits you out when you’re no longer best? Now Cherry wants to find a way to remove the “more” she didn’t ask for, and in so doing, reveal a secret only the Mayven years can gift.

You can follow Anna on Twitter and Instagram.