Introduction to the De Plumes, pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Donec condimentum eros id mauris vehicula accumsan.

Monika de Plume

After finishing her training at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (opened by Sir Laurence Oliver – but a long time before Monika was old enough to attend obviously, as she is still pretty young as you can see from her photograph((see photograph above)) ), and receiving a BA from English Literature (from a reputable red brick northern university – not one of the ex poly’s, a proper one), Monika’s love of performance and the written word was well and truly fused.

Having devoted her time and passions to the muses of classic theatre and the canon of English Literature, Monika now aims to spread herself broadly and boldly through the regions to bring entertainment and improvement to the masses.

Among her more obvious accomplishments (see photograph above), Monika boasts 3 and a half A’s at A Level, a near photographic memory and a basic certification in stage combat and food hygiene.

Monika lives with her tall, dark and handsome lover and her small, ginger and adorable dog in her own house in Hackney-nr-Islington, London (yes, a career in the arts AND a mortgage…impressive).

Nom de Plume

Born in a cove just South of Porthemmet Beach, Nom never knew her pirate parents (though rumour has it that they are currently off the coast of Uruguay). Nom de Plume up feral on seaweed and driftwood, till a small flock of seagulls found Nom and took her under their wings until she was thirty two.

Caa Caa her mother knew when it was time for her little one to fly the nest and after four days of flapping her wings and pecking at Nom’s feet, she guided Nom from the beach and into the big wide world to say her final goodbye. Nom then wandered the streets of Truro from some while and found herself accosted by a women with a sparkly face and red corset who said ‘if she behaved herself she would be destined for a life on the stage – as a stage manager, props mistress, costume designer and fellow supporting actor – but never and I repeat never the Prima Donna’.

Nom was then bundled into the back of a van that smelt like patchouli oil and bananas.

Nom’s likes are emmental cheese and Ferrero Rocher. Nom’s dislikes are water, unless it is salt water, from the sea – then that is alright.