Introducing the Salon du Cinema


This unique collaboration between Scary Little Girls, The Poly (Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society) and Falmouth University’s Fashion & Textiles Institute will be a celebration of the stars of a golden age of cinema in an intimate series of evenings combining storytelling, performance, presentations and most importantly film.

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Together we will explore how female film stars pushed the boundaries both pre- and post-censorship, combining screenings of classic cinema with the sort of shenanigans you can only get away with in a salon.

We will celebrate the glamorous filmic art that challenged the audiences of its day while treating you to flirtatious cocktails, scene-setting live music and risqué tales of the secret and scandalous…

Our programme in full:

Saturday 14th February – Mother Mae I!

Celebrating the Art of Seduction…

“Why don’t you come up sometime, huh?”

Friday 24th April – All About Eves

A light-hearted exploration into the shady backstage world of entertainment…

“Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!”

Saturday 30th May – The Oldest Sport

A night dedicated to the games played between the sexes…

“Who actually wears the trousers in the battle of the sexes?”

The Salon du Cinema has been made possible thanks to generous funding from the British Film Institute Film Audience Network.


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